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Personal Pedi
Personal Pedi is the perfect solution for men and women struggling with callused feet and hands. With a waterproof and easy-to-use design, it features a mineral roller that removes rough patches and a buffing roller that leaves your skin massaged and smooth.
NuBrilliance™ is the first and only at-home microdermabrasion device utilizing dual-action therapy with a combination of crystal-free diamond exfoliation AND suction, enabling you to have true microdermabrasion treatments at home.
wow brush
Our world’s first professional round brush is your hair's new best friend! It never locks, pulls or tangles the hair! Because of its round shape, the hair is constantly in motion around the brush, so it won’t get locked. This heat resistant, anti-static brush is perfect for blow-drying, as it reduces time by half due to the ventilated system, fabulous for styling as it’s lightweight and easy to use and perfect for detangling, guaranteed no tears for the little ones. And for the shorter hair, the wow brush is perfect for eliminating those pesky gaps and flat patches. After prolonged use, the quality of hair will also improve due to reduced heat damage resulting in healthier looking hair! What more can you ask for in a brush that’ll just make you say WOWll
Twirl Curl
Create your glamorous hairstyles in seconds with no need for pins or grips! Twirl Curl produces many different gorgeous hair designs!
All natural 3-step system to heal and protect dry, cracked feet and heels. Full of nourishing Vitamins and Minerals, Hydroheel works in just 30 minutes to rejuvenate your feet.
Join The dooup Evolution and ensure you have a contactless, easy and hygienic way to deal with your pet waste, both in your garden and while out on walks! Brand dooup have fully considered your needs when it comes to this unpleasant daily chore, bringing animal waste clearance into the 21st century. Both products truly live up to the brand slogan ‘A paw forward in pet hygiene’. The dooup Complete Pet Waste Clearer (for the garden) covers, clears, sprays, stores and seals the waste away. The waste is gone in seconds and your garden is both cleared and the affected area sanitised. Storing around a week’s worth of waste, you’ll save bags, time and your back, plus it will even seal away the waste at the press of a button – you can even clear while holding a cup of coffee! It really is the ‘must have’ garden gadget for 2014. A best seller in UK catalogues. And for the dog walkers among you, the ‘On the Go’ dooup is due for launch in January 2014. Unlike other portable pooper scoopers, this is something you just cannot forget when you leave the house, but more importantly, you won’t even know you’re carrying it, and neither will anyone else. Just like the garden dooup, it’s simple to use and provides a ‘no-contact’, easy process that doesn’t rely on you finding a public bin to dispose. You can even postpone disposal until you return home, and you won’t be inconvenienced in the slightest. Intrigued? Of course you are - Video coming soon!
LED light
Stretch Hose expands and shrinks automatically when you turn on and off the water. Super lightweight and durable. Includes 25' / 50'/ 75' hose lengths. We also have 3 upsells available. Please see below image.
Half-Automatic Lotus Cup Machine
Half-Automatic baking Mould with edgefold Machine
Toothpaste Dispenser
A fun mechanism that squeezes the toothpaste and makes oral hygiene a game for kids! The dispenser could be mounted vertically on a wall with the appropriate double-sided tape. Created with plastic non toxic materials and can be dismounted for a complete cleaning. Kit includes: Baby dispenser Royalsan Baby toothbrush Fluoride toothpaste specific for kids scented with bubble gum / strawberry Complete prevention kit which gives you the three mainstays of children’s oral hygiene in one purchase
Magnoodle - Magnetic Freestyle Wraps. Discover the magic of Magnoodle and journey into an infinite world of style, colors, patterns, textures, shapes, and designs created by you! Everything is possible and nothing is an obstacle in the world of Magnoodle….more than just a fashion accessory, its playable artwear. Inspired by the radiant connections we experience throughout life, Magnoodle is an alliance of magnetic forces and the infinite possibilities of imagination, expression and style. Magnoodle comes in a spectrum of colors that can be worn alone or combined into infinite design combinations and heralds the dawn of DIY, on the fly, freestyle looks in which the wearer is in control of their own fashion expression. You can wrap, twist, shape, link or create code play…..the ideas, styles and adornment looks are only limited to your imagination. Collect and trade colors, or use bundles of noodles for design décor fun!
Padded Jacket
Safe, Non-Toxic, Kills Bed Bugs, Dust Mites, Eggs, Larvae, & More. Use it on: * Pillows * Cushions * Beds * Duvet Covers * Carpets & Rugs * Curtains & Drapes * Furniture & More
Mighty Light DR
Hands Free, Super Bright LED Lights! Choose from White or Brown!!
Booty Slide is a complementary, conditioning technique, alongside workouts such as spinning and boxing, that uses body weight resistance to build muscle naturally. It combines slide training, high-intensity interval training, yoga, pilates, aerobics, dance, and more!
Twist n Clip Retail
Put your hair up in the morning and it will stay in place all day long.
ZQuiet is an anti-snoring device in the form of a mouthpiece. The ZQuiet mouthpiece has been clinically proven to help you stop snoring. This product has an incredible design and offers a soft and flexible living hinge that keeps your jaw forward at night while you sleep keeping your airways open. The living hinge allows you to naturally open and close your mouth while sleeping.
Bonzai Knives
Bonzai knives are the most advanced set of professional grade knives you can have today. Designed to make your life in the kitchen easier. Inspired by Japanese Legendary design.
Power Jump
Power Jump starts your car in minutes in as good as three steps. Connect power jump to the cigarette lighter port (12V electrical outlet) of your car, wait for about 10 minutes and start your car. You don’t need to connect those jumper cables anymore and even best you do not need to get of your car at all. Small and compact enough to store in your glove box, portable size does not take much space. Works on both petrol and diesel powered cars, works great for SUV’s, Mini Trucks, Vans & more