XM Trade Press Releases
XM Works, Inc. announces the launch of XMTrade.com

XM Works, Inc. announces the launch of XMTrade.com, an online international sales and trade management platform. XM Trade offers subscribers direct access to over 15,000 international buyers in 100 countries via its own private virtual network. XM Trade is also a comprehensive trade management solution where sellers can display and store all product and customer information, manage opportunities, track sales and shipments and generate sales and marketing activity reports securely via the web. Subscribers also benefit from an unlimited amount of cloud storage for sharing password protected high resolution artwork, videos and critical documents.

"XM Trade is the only platform encompassing everything needed for product owners and distributors to manage their export campaigns from anywhere. One of the most valuable features of XMT is the fully customizable marketing activity reports which allow management to easily spot and follow-up on opportunities that may otherwise fall through the cracks," explains Kathleen Mandig, International Sales Manager for XM Works. "More than $3 trillion dollars a year are spent on general consumer products in just 15 of the world's largest economies outside the United States," explains Mandig, "and to ignore these opportunities would mean missing out on a great deal of potential revenue."

XM Trade publishes an array of free services and useful trade tools such as a currency exchange rates, world time search and weight and measurement conversions. To sign up, new users can register and receive a 30-day free trial at XMTrade.com.